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There are a few advantages of calling C# functions from Javascript. They are: Call C# functions without having to compile and host the code C# functions are simpler to call from Javascript as they have no arguments and return types If a C# function calls back to Javascript it can call JavaScript functions, allowing you to integrate Javascript with your C# application. What do you think? What advantages does web browsers gain when you use Visual Studio as a web hosting solution? A: I would suggest using web forms. The advantages of web forms are: They are well integrated into Visual Studio They have a well supported set of controls It's well supported by 3rd party developers If you decide not to use the new MVC feature then you will have to deal with asynchronous code to make your pages display properly. I have had problems with this. The biggest issue is how you perform data access. The MVC framework provides well supported and well integrated data access components. It makes sense to use the components already provided in the framework. You have better code re-use in the MVC framework than any other approach that I have tried. The Web Forms approach is always going to be a compromise. You can get a lot of things done with it. You can get it done a lot faster than MVC. MVC can only be as fast as you want. The browser will benefit from the ability to keep track of a control state as the application is running. It will be able to bring up the correct form upon the next load or "push" a submitted form forward, etc. The server can benefit from being able to quickly respond to AJAX requests. FLASH: Companies that are registered in the Cayman Islands benefit from its secrecy, allowing them to keep the identities of their shareholders secret for example. This may not be the case anymore, however. The London Stock Exchange announced that, effective from July 2016, it would open up its Cayman Islands registry to requests for information. This registry lists the beneficial owners of companies and their interests. The LSE stated that it had received numerous requests for the records of Cayman Island-based companies, especially in the energy sector, where companies often use them for tax purposes. “The LSE has received thousands of requests for records, from as far back as 1994. These requests have come from around the world,



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